9 Disgusting Things People Actually Eat


As a Pakistani, I can assure you that there is nothing more disgusting than ojhri. Turns out, baki duniya kay log bhi gand he khatay hain. Let’s take a look at the most disgusting dishes people eat all over the world.


9. Balut

This Philippine native street food is consumed on a daily basis by several individuals native to the region. What’s better than peeling back a shell and finding a fertilized egg with an aborted duck that’s been cooking for weeks? Astaghfar! Khuda yaad kera dia.



8. Giant Water Bug

This Thai delicacy is one to turn heads, literally. This dish is called the Maeng Da; you apparently turn its head and pluck out the shell to consume these giant cockroach substitutes. They’re usually consumed with a spicy sauce of sorts. Kuch na choro, sub mu mein daal lo BC!


7. Ojhri

Here is a more well known addition to the list. A Pakistani specialty known to be enjoyed by the locals throughout the country. It’s basically the interior backside of an animal that stores all the stool. Delicious! Ojhri mein bakray ki potty hoti hai.


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