9 Times Sheikh Rasheed Has Made Us Laugh


Sheikh Rasheed is a legend. There isn’t a single political or famous figure in Pakistan larger than life than our quintessential Pindiboy. Over the years, Sheikh Saab has said some truly outrageously funny stuff and that one time Sheikh Rasheed was left speechless by a female student.


9. Sheikh Saab aap shadi kab kerein gay?

In this clip, Sheikh Rasheed is left speechless buy a college student after a confrontation about not getting married. It was amazing to see Sheikh Saab go red in the face and blush.


8. Her bakray per do takbeerein hongi…

This was during the fervor of the anti Nawaz Sharif sentiment and something you have to see to believe



7. The time Sheikh Saab channeled his inner Pindiboy

With warrants of his arrest issued, the city sealed and the police on the look for Sheikh Rasheed, he got on a bike and made his way to the jalsa.


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