The Chaos That Are Desi Weddings From Rishta Fixing To Walima


We desis are a unique breed. We do things our style. Nothing we do is simple, we put our heart into anything and everything we do. We make everything a big deal. And so are weddings are a huge event.

Desi weddings are not just weddings, putting it eloquently, “yeh sirf do logon ki shadi nahi hoti do khandaanon ka rishta hota hai.” And you are only supposed to say, ” Jee ammi.”

Step 1: Rishta Fixing

So some complete strangers come barging in your house and you have to act all tameezdaar, for both girls and guys. I mean some random aunty scanning you and saying in another aunty’s ears, “Haye haye! kitni moti hai. Naak dekho, hath dekho etc.”

And from the inside, you’re like.

But you have to act like



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