9 Things You Only Enjoy As An Independent Woman In Pakistan


If you are a woman in Pakistan and you start making money, your life changes and how. You won’t understand the change unless you are an independent woman yourself in Pakistan.

Here are 9 things only young independent Pakistani women enjoy.

1. They have a shiny card

As soon as you start making money, the first thing you do is get yourself a credit/debit card. A shiny card in your hand, and you think that you own the whole world. There ain’t nobody stopping you.

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2. Lack Of Restrictions

More often than not you get to choose a lot of things about your life. From small things like depending on conveyance to bigger things like buying whatever clothes you want.

3. Buying the dress you mother would have never let you

As long as your mom buys you clothes, you don’t have much say in what you get to wear. But when you’ve got your own money, you buy your own stuff. So, hi, mom! How do I look now?




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